No Prom, No Problem

By: Kurt Rinehart

As prom night quickly approaches you may or may not have seen it coming, and you may or may not be unprepared.  If you’re like some of us, the situation is dire, and it looks like you are going to have to scrap the idea of going to prom altogether.  However, you can still have fun even if you won’t the at the event, here are some ideas:

  • Dinner- Even if you don’t end up at the prom, you can still have a romantic night out with that special someone, take them to dinner.  There are many places is Monterey that offer romantic dining, also, a lot of these places offer locals discounts.
  • Del Monte- If your friends are in the same boat as you regarding prom, or if you’re looking for a less expensive option that Monterey restaurants, consider a night at the mall.  Del Monte has plenty of cheap dining options, as well as endless shopping, not to mention the movie theater.
  • Cruising- Though this may not may not have come to mind for most students, a drive around the peninsula is a great way to spend a night with friends.  Consider a drive along the Asilomar, Cannery Row, or Downtown Pacific Grove. This can always lead to interesting adventures, and new experiences.
  • Take the Night Off- You can always just stay at home and focus on yourself, there are plenty of other major events for you to attend in life. Also, no one will care in 20 years wither you went to your prom or not, and you will always see the highlights on Instagram and Snapchat.

There you have it, if you think that you’re not quite prom ready, there are plenty of other options in which you can still have an amazing time.   

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