Inside the Galleon

By: Kurt Rinehart

For those interested in joining the MHS Journalism team, this article reveals inside information about the inner workings of the MHS newspaper.  Here is how a typical day writing for the Galleon goes.

Certain people are assigned to submit articles on certain days, and you need to have your article in the submission box by the end of the class period on your deadline day.  After you write your article, our team of editors and reviewers look over your work. Then the piece goes to Ms. Carter for a final review, before it is handed off to the publishing team.  This team has access to the publishing system on our website, and they are the ones who make your article public to the world.

As well as actually writing articles, we also have jobs available as editors and publishers, and they are not subject to the same deadlines as the writers are, but are expected to process articles in a timely manner.

Let’s say you’re not a writer, we also have a social media team, who manages our Instagram and Twitter accounts, there is something for everyone!

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