MHS Dive Team Flips Their Way to Success

By: Alyssa McCoy, Jordan Garrett, and Vivian Nguyen

This year, the MHS dive team has gained more members, opening doors to opportunities and leading them to a successful season.

On Wed. April 24, The MHS dive team won the division championship (MBLs). A majority of MHS divers were competing against each other, but this was still an accomplishment.

A lot of the divers have qualified for CCS as well. This is a huge improvement from last year.

The increase in divers also contributed to the success of team. Last year there was only 4 divers, this years the numbers went up to 7.

These numbers may not seem like a lot, but it’s a drastic improvement especially because last year’s team was made up of mostly seniors.

This is all because of Coach Ken Esaki. He shaped the team for MBLs and taught them a lot of new dives in this season alone. He made the divers want to go to practice everyday. Marshall Hintze (‘19) says, “Practice is really relaxing because we just go up on the board and dive… we don’t do swims or conditioning. It’s just diving.”

The divers’ passion for the sport allowed them to build the drive to better team and themselves. This is the most important element to their success. “When I dive it feels like I’m flying. That’s why I like it so much,” said Lilian Holloway (‘20).

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