Juniors Conquer the SBAC By: Kurt Rinehart

With the juniors finishing the first week of SBAC testing, The Galleon decided to take a look into this exam in which every high school junior in the United States is taking.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is aimed at testing the proficiency level of students in math and English.  However, in past years, most students at MHS have not taken the testing seriously, leading to lower average scores at MHS.

For the past two years, MHS scores have been improving, as Principal Newton promises a taco truck for the entire class, if we achieve the highest average scores in the district.  Last year, this strategy worked, and MHS had the highest SBAC scores out of all MPUSD high schools.

Will MHS come out on top again this year in academic excellence? We hope so! Good luck to all the juniors taking the testing over the coming weeks.

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