Nicotine Use at MHS Causes Administration to Take Serious Action

By: Kurt Rhinehart

MHS is like any other typical high school in the United States, where our students typically follow the same fads and trends as everyone else. Unfortunately, one new trend among high schoolers is the use of electronic cigarettes.

These products, such as the Juul, were designed to help adult smokers cut the nasty habit. However, these products come in flavors that are appealing to a younger audience, and physical designs allow them to be compact and discreet.

While these electronic cigarettes are a healthier choice than sparking up a Marlboro Red, they are definitely not beneficial for your health either. Electronic cigarettes often contain as much, if not more, nicotine than traditional cigarettes, which is extremely addicting.

Here at MHS, it would be typical to walk into a bathroom to see students using these devices. This has led the administration to take controversial action on this issue. During the day, some of the bathrooms may be locked, and in the worst cases, all bathrooms on campus are locked, except for one.

This has caused outrage among students and parents. Many will argue that this will not stop the issue of nicotine in our schools and that students will find another place to get their fix. Also, this has caused the actual process of using the restroom to be more of a hassle, due to having to walk around to find an open lavatory.  

MHS administration continues to lock bathrooms on a daily basis, but is it working to combat nicotine addiction at our school, or just causing a hassle to normal students on campus?  Only time will tell.

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